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Contest Corral

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest: Gum provided. Contestants given 3 minutes to warm gum up by chewing. Prize awarded for the largest bubble determined by judge and the Bubble Meter.

Checker Playoffs: Several rounds of jumbo checkers happening at one time. Prizes awarded to the fastest winner of all games being played at that time and for each game winner.

Chopstick Food Eating Challenge: The first to finish their bowl of food using only chops sticks win! The foods might not be your typical chopstick items. Are you up for the challenge?

Marshmallow & Pasta Build Contest: Each contestant will be challenged with building the tallest structure with uncooked spaghetti pasta and marshmallows only. Prize awarded for the tallest structure.

Sevier Farmer’s Co-op Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest: Each contestant will see just how far they can spit their watermelon seed. Winner with the longest distance will be awarded the prize.

Turtle Race: Bring your pet turtle or catch a turtle to bring to race. Turtles will all begin at the start line and the first turtle across the finish line will win the prize.
Food Eating Challenges

Applewood Farmhouse Apple Fritter Eating Challenge: How many apple fritters do you think you can eat while being timed? The one eating the most in allotted time will be awarded the prize.

Baby Food Challenge: If you are adventurous this might be the challenge for you. You will sample numerous types of baby food. The first one to guess the all (or the most in allotted time) will be award the prize.

Bush Bean – Bean Eating Contest: The first to finish their can of Bush Beans will be awarded the prize!

Donut Eating Contest: Do you like donuts? Well, just how many can you eat while being timed. Come find out. Winner eating the most in allotted time will be award the prize.

Hot Dog Eating Contest: You will be given a specific amount of time to see just how many hot dogs you can eat. The one eating the most in the allotted amount of time will be awarded the prize.

Mystery Food Challenge: Brave contestants will be blindfolded and sample a variety of foods. The one correctly indentifying the most within the allotted time will be awarded the prize.

Pizza Eating Contest: Pizza lovers should come out for this challenge to see who can eat the most pizza in allotted time. The one eating the most will be awarded the prize.

Quaker Steak & Lube Wing Eating Contest: If you enjoy hot wings, this contest is for you. Compete to see if you can finish your hot wings before all the other. The first to finish wins the prize!

Spaghetti Eating Challenge: Who can eat all the spaghetti in their container first? The one that does will be awarded the prize.

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