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Inspire U Class Schedule

Please note that ALL classes are free, though you may be asked to bring a couple of items to use in your project.  Class sizes are limited.  In order to ensure that we have enough materials for everyone, pre-registration is required for each class.  Unless otherwise noted in the class description, you may pre-register by emailing your information (number of participants, names, and phone number) to

July 18th: “Photographic Competitions” . . . What the judges are looking for and tips on things that you can do to improve your photography and your prints.
When and Where:  From 6 – 7 pm in the exhibit hall at the fairgrounds
About the Class:  Have you ever wondered why some images place over others in print competitions?  We will talk about the “why” of that and what judges typically look for in competition prints.  There are many simple things that you can do to go a long way toward improving your photography.  We will also discuss the importance of printing and what you need to know to get the end result you want.
What to Bring:  Nothing is necessary to bring, but if students would like, they can bring their camera equipment and something for taking notes.
About the instructor:  April Love is Owner/Operator/Photographer at f/32 Photo.  f/32 is a professional print lab, camera retail accessory store, camera equipment rental store, and studio located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

July 20th: “It’s a Small World – Fairy Garden Workshop”  
When and Where:  From 6 – 8 pm in the exhibit hall at the fairgrounds
About the Class: Come to this hands-on workshop to learn how to create your own fairy garden world!  We will discuss the basics, types of plants, and make our own to take home.  You will also take a quick tour of the Sevier County Master Gardener demo garden (just behind the exhibit hall at the fair) where your three teachers have created a fairy community.  We hope you will care for your garden and bring it back to enter in the fair in September.  Workshop is open to all ages.
What to bring: Bring a clean empty container/vessel in which you would like to create your fairy garden.  Remember it will have soil added, as well as plants, and accessories so you do not want anything too big or heavy.  You can do searches online and/or in Pinterest to get ideas.  It can be something as simple as a flower pot or basket, or as complex as a small suitcase or a wash basin.  Containers should not exceed 12” long x 12” wide x 8” deep to ensure we have enough soil for everyone.  Just remember it needs to be easily moved when complete so you can bring it back to enter.  
Additional information: Soil, a few plants and a few small items will be provided.  There will be additional accessories available for purchase at very reasonable prices.  You are not required to purchase any items, but if you choose to do so, please be prepared to pay in cash.
About the instructors:  Tammie and Sarah Browning are both Sevier County Master Gardeners.  Sarah has been a member since 2009, and Tammie since 2012.  Both truly enjoy making fairy gardens on their own, but teach workshops to adults and kids in our area.  They are both leaders with the Sevier County Junior Master Gardeners as well.  Olivia Browning is a Junior Master Gardener and has been a member since 2010.  Many of the items that will be provided for you or that you can purchase were made by these three ladies.  Since the beginning of the fairy garden division of the fair, all have entered and done well in this area.
To Pre-register: call or email Tammie:  865-604-4829

July 22nd: “Kid Crafting”
When and Where: 10 – 2 Exhibit Hall at the Fairgrounds
About the class:  We have over 40 categories for kids art!  Come on in and make projects that you can enter in the fair.  Minimum of four projects will be available, including Pinterest for Kids
What to bring:  Enthusiasm!
About the instructors:  The Sevier County Fair Youth Board is very excited to be facilitating these classes!

July 24th: “Get Started Dehydrating”
When and Where: 6 – 7:30 pm at the UT Extension Office next to the fairgrounds
About the class: Learn the basics of dehydrating!  1.  Nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and dairy. 2.  Flavorful jerky.  3.  Delicious fruit roll-ups 4.  How to dry flowers
What to Bring:  A desire to learn.  Handouts will be provided for note-taking
About the Instructor: Lee Gray is a Master Gardener who loves to share knowledge of canning, dehydrating, and all things “preserving food”.  He has spent many years learning various methods and looks forward to sharing all the methods and tricks he has learned.

July 25th: “Make Your Own Dreamcatcher”
When and Where: 6 – 8 pm in the exhibit hall at the fairgrounds
About the Class:  Learn what a dreamcatcher is, and how to make one.  You will be able to complete your dreamcatcher during the class.
What to Bring: A four inch ring of some kind (some people use a bracelet; rings can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $2.99).  You will also need to bring lace leather. 10’ should be enough to complete a four inch ring.  This can also be purchased at Hobby Lobby in different colors for roughly $7.99 a roll (one roll should be enough to finish several dream catchers).  Alternately, you can bring ribbon to wrap the dream-catcher in.  All other materials, including feathers and beads for decoration, will be provided.  If you have beads or feathers that you would like to use in your dream catcher, feel free to bring them.
About the instructor:  Vern Banks volunteers with the Sevier County Rescue Squad, is a Boy Scout troop leader, and is very active in crafting (especially Native American Crafting).

July 31st: “Home Canning Basics”
When and Where: 6 – 7 pm at the UT Extension Office next to the fairgrounds
About the Class: Learn the principles of canning foods at home using safe, updated research-based methods.  Also learn the “secrets of what judges look for” when evaluating canning entries at the Sevier County Fair.
What to bring:  Nothing needed to bring
About the Instructor: Linda Hyder has been an Extension Agent with UT Extension for 19 years in Sevier County
To Pre-register: call or email Linda 865-453-3695

August 1st: “Pinterest”
When and Where: 6 – 8 in the exhibit hall at the fairgrounds
About the Class:  The most recent department to be added in our premium book (about 4 years ago) is Pinterest, and it is growing each year.  With several categories to pick from, there seems to be something for everyone.  Two – three different categories will be covered during the class.
What to bring: wine Glass(es), small art paint brushes (if you have any), scissors, a plain gift bag to be decorated, and a stone/rock that you will paint.
About the instructors:  Karl and Jenny Peters are avid crafters, and have been involved with their county fair for many years.  We are blessed to have them on board as volunteers with our Sevier County Fair, as they have re-located in this area.  This class should be a lot of fun!

August 3rd: “Papercrafting/Bookfolding”
When and where:  6 – 8 Hobby Lobby classroom (Highway 66 location)
About the class:  During this class, we will define the different types of greeting cards in our department, we will review the rules for entries, and we will make a small bookfolding project that will be suitable for entry into the fair exhibits in the Papercrafting department.
What to bring: One hardcover book (80 – 120 pages in length, with pages 21 cm tall; a metric T-square ruler {available for purchase the night of the class if you don’t have one}, and a fine tip pencil {mechanical pencil is best, also available for purchase the night of the class} the pencil and ruler together should be less than $10)
About the instructor:  Teresa has been doing multiple crafts for many years, but has been a consultant for stamping/scrapbooking companies for about ten years.  She is also a test-folder for a prominent bookfolding designer and has taught many classes in the field of papercrafting
How to register:  Please email Teresa the instructor at  In your email, please indicate if you will need to purchase a ruler and/or a pencil the night of the class.  Hobby Lobby only keeps one of each in stock, so we will need to make sure that they have enough for those that want/need to purchase them.

August 14th: “Quilting: Learn how to English Paper Piece”
When and where:  5:30 – 8:00 at the Fort Sanders Sevier County Senior Center (On Chapman Highway)
About the class:  A short overview of quilting and the history of quilting.  Then you will be taught how to English Paper Piece.  This is a very easy method of stabilizing fabric together.  Anyone that can thread a needle and sew a straight stitch will be able to learn.
What to bring:  Needle and thread will be provided, but feel free to bring a needle and a thimble (if you use one), and a portable light source (only if you feel you need it to sew).
About the instructor:  Sally Lane is a member of the Piecemakers Quilt Guild, a long-time volunteer for the Sevier County Fair, and a volunteer and teacher at the Senior Center.

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