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Southern Grudge Match ASSociation
Lawn Mower Derby
Sevier County Fair

September 2, 2014

Entry Fee: $25.00, NON-REFUNDABLE

1. Mower MUST BE A FACTORY available Lawn mower. NO HOMEMADE FRAMES. No Garden Tractors / Mowers.
2. NO rear engine lawn mowers are allowed.
3. Engine a MUST be a factory lawn mower engine such as Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Honda, ect. NO Diesel engines.
4. All modification & frame reinforcing WILL BE ALLOWED.
5. MUST be a factory available mower Trans axle, BUT any reinforcing and/or welding of spider gears is permitted.
6. Engine bay reinforcing is permitted, but must be contained inside of hood & must maintain factory body lines.
7. All mowers MUST run a factory hood & Fenders, & have the hood either screwed or welded down to dash panel around drivers area.
8. Mowers MUST have Good Working Brakes Forward & Reverse gears must work.
9. Gas tank must be secured & have a cap on it. "If any gas at all is leaking, you will be shut down".
10. Leg guards are MANDATORY & must be bolted or welded from rear fender to the front of the foot rest or frame.
11. A rear bumper is MANDATORY, but is NOT allowed to extend more then 4 inches out & must stay in between the tires. Also: NO SPIKES, NO SHARP EDGES or ANY PROTRUSIONS ALLOWED. Bumper can be home-made with square tubing or round stock. "No Larger than 2 inches"
12. Re-gearing & Changing of pulleys to increase speed is Permitted & Encouraged.
13. All mowers must use lawn mower type wheels. Tractor treads & cut tires will be permitted, NO tire chains or dual wheels will be allowed.
14. Mower decks must be removed.
15. All headlights and any other glass & plastic CAN be removed if you want to.
16. Batteries must be secured in the mower. You can restart your mower only twice during the event you are running.
17. NO front bumpers. You can build up the front & underneath the grill to hit with. The front of the mower must be smooth finish for safety. A roll-over Bar is allowed & recommended.
18. A rolled-over driver is out of the heat. ALSO: If a driver touches the ground with a hand, foot or any part of their body, that driver is also out of the heat.
19. For safety: If  a mower rolls-over, all drivers must stop & wait until that driver up-rights the rolled mower & gets off the track.
20. Please put your number on each side of your mower so we can track the mower.
21. Mowers MUST have a KILL switch.
22. All Ground rules will be gone over in the drivers meeting before the 1st heat.
23. Must run pump gas only. NO ALCOHOL or Diesel.
24. Inappropriate language & gestures will NOT be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.
25. The driver will need to wear a Helmet, Gloves, Long pants, Long sleeve shirt, Boots, & eye protection.
Keep in mind when building your mower: safety first for you & the other mowers you will be hitting. Before ANY PAYOUTS, we may ask to look inside the mower for any batteries or chain driven set-ups, or shaft type set-ups.
* NO drivers under the age of 12 and under 5’ tall will be permitted to run a mower in the derby arena.
AWARDS will be Cash & Trophies.
All Payouts are subject to change if drivers decided to sandbag, or not hit all cars (Teammates, BFF’s, Buddy System, or whatever); just hit as hard and as much as you would any other driver in the arena.  
You will get your 1 & only warning for this during the drivers meeting. Run your mower hard & hit hard at all times against everyone or the payout drops.

Pay Out:
1st $500
2nd $200
3rd $100
4th $100
5th $100
Any questions: Call or Text Jason Grumpy Holliday at  (865) 773-4326 . E-Mail questions to

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